Something New

It’s rather amazing how trials in your life can awaken unknown gifts you’ve had hidden away inside of you.

It feels silly to say this is a new business, when I  have owned my own business for over a decade. Hair is my first love by far, and I can’t image my life without  shaping, styling and coloring. To the core of my being I love beauty. I especially ejoy helping others see just how lovely they are. As time has passed and chapters in my life have come and gone, I’ve grown in ways I never imagined. It’s rather amazing how trials in life can awaken unknown gifts you’ve had hidden away inside of you.


This new gift is only a few years old but has become a major game changer. This new piece of my life is photography. My ever so  patient husband, Brett, has been instructing me over the last few years on how to be a photographer.  I can now create images I only dreamed of in the past. Mixing hair, makeup and photography is beyond incredible.

So it is only natural for my husband and I to marry our two businesses. Brett has Ambient Art Photography and I have The Mix Salon. With only a door separating the two, we can now effortlessly blend all our skills. We are creating something unique and special. This is a one of a kind location where beauty services and photographic art unite.

I’ve had so many people breathe life into my dreams. Our mentors, clients, family and friends have been so supportive. I’m beyond thankful we have such an encouraging community around us.

The Mix Salon is officially open now! I hope you will come by and visit. I’m excited to have you join us as we continue this incredible adventure!

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